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Your help needed: KS APRN Bill introduced to increase Access remove Barriers

Posted 5 months ago by Betty Smith-Campbell

HB 2066, was just introduced – you help is needed to support this effort.  Donate now, join or ask others to Join APRN – NOW IS THE TIME

Give now – to support our efforts: https://www.gofundme.com/2myf2m9z (GOFUNDME)
Citizens in some parts of Kansas have no or limited access to health care providers. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) can help! Currently there are policy barriers that prevent nurses the ability to practice to the full extent of their education and training.

The problem is burdensome regulations! Some APRNs in Kansas must pay physicians a fee to provide care (Some over $30,000/yr). There are APRNs who cannot provide care in the communities they live in because there is no physician available to provide the regulatory paper work. Kansas is surrounded by  states west and north that have already removed all regulatory barriers.

Impact on patients – because of burdensome regulations in Kansas in one community when the physician died expectantly and patients that had received care by this physician and the APRN no longer had a care provider, since regulations required the APRN have a signed piece of paper by the physician. The APRN that had been giving care to these patients could no longer do so– this is not required in many other states.

Impact on patients – in one rural community an APRN has to pay high fees to physicians for the required regulatory piece of paper signed by a physician – this nurse is the only nurse providing needed medication management to patients in several rural counties that have mental health conditions.

Join us in providing funds that will go for educating legislators, the public, other nurses and our patients on how APRNs can help solve the health care access problem in Kansas. Funds will also be used to support lobbying efforts for any legislative changes that remove practice barriers.

Support the cause with a onetime donation or a recurring donation – YOU CAN HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


Ramona Timberlake 3 months ago

Just joined and spreading the word. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to patient care.

Jason Conner 2 months ago

I'm researching the legislative agenda and activities of the KAPN. What, specifically, are we as an organization doing to promote HB 2066? Are we encouraged to contact our individual House Reps, or is KAPN doing so? What can we do to help? Needing guidance.

Jamie Harrington 2 months ago

Jason yes everyone should contact their individual legislators to urge support for HB 2066. KAPN is working hard to also contact legislators and is presenting testimony February 11th at 1:30 pm in Topeka room 546-S. You are welcome to come and show support. The more people we have the better. Right now HB 2066 is in the Health and Human Services Committee. We have to get it passed there first before it moves on to the House. You can contact all members of the HHS committee to urge their support. Deadline for written testimony for the hearing is tonight. Send testimony to ksaprn@cox.net. Thank you!

Betty Smith-Campbell 2 months ago

Don't forget if you want more details - join KAPN - additional information available to members. This is a volunteer organization (no staff, Board members are not paid). Dues go to support removing policy barriers, that include funding lobbyists.

Susan Hofmann 2 months ago

The hearing for this bill is audio live streamed. Go to the Health and Human Services page and see where the room is listed. Right beside it is a link for the audio stream.

Marie Coffin 2 months ago

Please continue your donations for our checking account balance is right at 5000.00 and we pay our lobbyists $5000 plus fees monthly!
Thank you all for your support and generosity!
Go Full Practice Authority in Kansas for APRNS!

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